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Class assignment gives ‘MK’ a chance to witness

RODING, Germany (BP)–“Do we have any other religions represented in our group here?” a teacher asked her class of seventh-grade girls. The girls and teacher were participating in an overnight fall retreat in the Bavarian Forest of Germany. Like the teacher, many of the girls followed the local Catholic religion.

“Missionary kid” Leslyn Ichter, 12-year-old daughter of International Mission Board missionaries Carlos and Shannon Ichter, took a deep swallow and raised her hand.

She wasn’t alone. Five other hands were raised: one Buddhist, one Jehovah’s Witness, two Muslims and, surprisingly, another Baptist!

When the six girls explained about their faiths, Leslyn discovered Anna and her family attended a Baptist church near where the Ichters are seeing God grow another Baptist congregation.

The teacher asked each of the girls to prepare a brief report on the beliefs of their religions. She didn’t have to tell Leslyn and Anna twice.

The girls prepared two posters. The first poster explained some basic biblical beliefs, such as believer’s baptism and salvation through Christ alone. The second poster was a simple gospel presentation using the bridge illustration.

Leslyn and Anne went on to explain, completely in German, that the only way for man to be reconciled with God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Like most other missionary children in Germany, Leslyn attends a German national public school. Usually missionary children are the only believers in their classrooms. Those who are open about their faith often are the target of ridicule, sometimes from the teachers themselves.

But at the close of their presentation, when Leslyn told the listeners about the small, but growing Baptist church in Cham/Roding and invited all to attend, this German teacher voiced interest in visiting one of the worship services.
Reported by Carlos Ichter and Wayne Jenkins.

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