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Committee on Committees, resolutions panel appointed

DALLAS (BP)–Appointments to two key committees to serve during the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, June 17-19, have been announced by SBC President Tom Elliff.

Elliff, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, Okla., announced the appointment of the Committee on Committees and the Committee on Resolutions May 1. The SBC bylaws require the president to announce the appointments “at least 45 days in advance of the meeting.”

The credentials and tellers committee must be made public 30 days before the annual meeting, according to the SBC bylaws.


The committee has 70 members, 2 from each of the 35 state or regional conventions qualified for representation on SBC entities.

SBC Bylaw 21 says the Committee on Committees “shall nominate all special committees authorized during the sessions of the convention not otherwise provided for.” The usual responsibility of the committee is to nominate members of the Committee on Nominations, which, in turn, nominates trustees to serve on the 23 national entities of the SBC.

Elliff named Ted Traylor, minister at Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, Fla., as the committee chairman.

The committee includes two-thirds clergy or denominationally related to one-third laypersons, the tradition which follows the seminary trustees’ model.

ALABAMA–Fred Lackey, minister, First Baptist Church, Athens; Eunie Smith, layperson, First Baptist Church, Birmingham.

ALASKA–Royce Christmas, minister, Glacier Valley Baptist Church, Juneau; Jean Pesnell, layperson, First Baptist Church, Kerai.

ARIZONA–George Barnes, church staff, Mountain View Baptist Church, Tucson; Jim Dixon, minister, First Baptist Church, Sierra.

ARKANSAS–Pat Robinson, minister, Lakeview Baptist Church, Cave Springs; Mark Sparks, layperson, Central Baptist Church, Magnolia.

CALIFORNIA–Deryl Lackey, minister, Mt. View Southern Baptist Church, Lake Isabella; Alice Wilson, layperson, First Baptist Church, Thousand Oaks.

COLORADO–Peggy Oxford, layperson, Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge; Tom Zomes, church staff, Central Baptist Church, Aurora.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA–Thomas Hay, layperson, Fort Washington Baptist Church, Fort Washington, Md.; David Wood, minister, Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church, Washington.

FLORIDA–Carl Nixon, layperson, North Central Baptist Church, Gainesville; Ted Traylor, minister, Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola.

GEORGIA–Lee Mabry, minister, Fortified Hills Baptist Church, Smyrna; Paul Mason, minister, Central Baptist Church, Douglasville.

HAWAII–O.W. Efurd, denomination position, First Baptist Church, Wahiawa; Mike Komatsu, pastor, Safe Harbor Chapel, Lanai City.

ILLINOIS–Ron MaHarrey, minister, First Baptist Church, Woodlawn; Les Mason, minister, Olney Southern Baptist Church, Olney.

INDIANA–Tom Evitts, layperson, First Southern Baptist Church, Clarksville; Meg Patton, layperson, New Heritage Baptist Church, Indianapolis.

KANSAS–Robert Hanson, minister, Shawnee Heights Baptist Church, Topeka; Blaine Lair, layperson, Celebration Baptist Church, Wichita.

KENTUCKY–Bill Bartleman, layperson, Reidland Baptist Church, Paducah; James Reynolds, minister, Bulitt Lick Baptist Church, Shepherdsville.

LOUISIANA–Randy Harper, minister, Bellaire Baptist Church, Bossier City; Carlton Vance, layperson, Trinity Baptist Church, Pineville.

MARYLAND–Carroll Camp, minister, Glen Burnie Baptist Church, Glen Burnie; Jean Visy, layperson, Montrose Baptist Church, Rockville.

MICHIGAN–Tom Fishell, minister, Roscommon Baptist Church, Roscommon; John Harrison, minister, Bethany Baptist Church, Lansing.

MISSISSIPPI–Steve Bain, minister, East Heights Baptist Church, Tupelo; Louise Shannon, layperson, First Baptist Church, Yazoo City.

MISSOURI–Barbara Foyer, layperson, Oakhill Baptist Church, St. Louis; Michael O’Guin, minister, First Baptist Church, Salem.

NEVADA–Jerry Carver, church staff, Shadow Hills Baptist Church, Las Vegas; Bill Potts, minister, Sunrise Southern Baptist Church, Las Vegas.

NEW YORK–Paul Castillo, church staff, One Heart Church, Rome; Stan Gillcash, minister, New Hope Baptist Church, Watertown.

NEW MEXICO–Alan Chastine, layperson, Calvary Baptist Church, Las Cruces; Kenny Dickenson, minister, First Baptist Church, Eunice.

NEW ENGLAND–Dick Risas, denominational position, First Baptist Church, Shrewsbury, Mass.; Steven Rowe, minister, Garrison Baptist Church, Dover, N.H.

NORTH CAROLINA–Gerald Cowen, denominational position, Hephzibah Baptist Church, Wendell; Mark Harris, minister, Center Grove Baptist Church, Clemmons.

NORTHWEST–Hank Ford III, minister, Royal Oaks Baptist Church, Salem, Ore.; Rick Hahn, church staff, Vine Street Baptist Church, Roseburg, Ore.

OHIO–Don Piercy, minister, Edenton First Baptist Church, Pleasant Plain; David Snyder, church staff, Beverly Baptist Church, Beverly.

OKLAHOMA–Robert Griffin, minister, Brookwood Baptist Church, Oklahoma City; Jim Morgan, layperson, First Baptist Church, Bartlesville.

PENNSYLVANIA-SOUTH JERSEY–Jimmy Aldridge, minister, Silver Springs Baptist Church, Silver Springs, Pennsylvania; Edward Ridge, Jr., minister, Edgewood Baptist Church, Beaver Falls.

SOUTH CAROLINA–Joe Joyner, minister, Kilbourne Park Baptist Church, Columbia; J. Wendall Rhodes, minister, Friendship Baptist Church, Abbeville.

TENNESSEE–Donald Dunavant, layperson, Bartlett Baptist Church, Bartlett; Fern Sutton, layperson, Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville.

TEXAS–Rocky Weatherford, minister, First Baptist Church, Tool; Don Workman, layperson, Southcrest Baptist Church, Lubbock.

UTAH-IDAHO–Sallie Dimitt, layperson, Mountainview Indian Baptist Church, Blackfoot, Idaho; Ronald Dean Smith, church staff, Southeast Baptist Church, Salt Lake City.

VIRGINIA–Michael Adams, minister, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Gloucester; Charles Wynn, layperson, First Baptist Church, Pennington Gap.

WEST VIRGINIA–Jack Dial, layperson, Highlawn Baptist Church, Huntington; David Jicka, minister, Highlawn Baptist Church, Huntington.

WYOMING–Charles Crim, denominational position, Monroe Avenue Baptist Church, Green River; Danny Francis, minister, Big Horn Baptist Church, Buffalo.


The Resolutions Committee is composed of 10 members, three of whom must be members of the SBC Executive Committee. The committee, according to Bylaw 21, has the “duty … to prepare and submit to the convention resolutions which the committee deems appropriate for adoption and to report on all matters submitted to it by the convention, with or without recommendation or amendments.”

The bylaw also asks that proposed resolutions be sent to the committee 30 days before the annual meeting.

Elliff named John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, as the committee chairman.
Executive Committee members are:

ARKANSAS–Bill Elliff, Little Rock.

ARIZONA–Bruce Coe, Chandler.

OKLAHOMA–Ted Kersh, Oklahoma City.

Other members of the committee are:

CALIFORNIA–Carmen Whitaker, Fresno.

FLORIDA–Liz Traylor, Pensacola.

MISSOURI–Mike Whitehead, Kansas City.

MISSISSIPPI–Clark Stewart, Crystal Springs.

OKLAHOMA–Forrest Claunch, Midwest City.

VIRGINIA–Fred Minix, Fairfax Station.

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