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EDITORS’ NOTE: In (BP) story titled “S.C. Baptists OK record budget, Romania Baptist partnerships,” dated 11/13/97, the following three paragraphs may be added after the fourth paragraph of the story:
The budget was approved with one amendment, calling for a reallocation of $15,000 from the South Carolina Christian Action Council to the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee. Both line items are funded through the Family Ministries Department of the South Carolina Baptist Convention staff.
The South Carolina Christian Action Council is an ecumenical organization representing several denominations. The Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee is a committee of South Carolina Baptists.
Also, a recommendation by the SCBC executive board to not pursue the establishment of a Southern Baptist seminary or divinity school in South Carolina was approved. A messenger to the 1996 annual meeting had asked the board to examine the possibility of beginning such a school.

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