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In the BP story, “Ohio liquor regulations target 5 or more beer kegs at parties,” dated 8/11/00, please substitute the following for the last paragraph:

Tony Cartledge, editor of the North Carolina Baptist newsjournal Biblical Recorder who lost a 7-year-old daughter to a drunk driver seven years ago, told Baptist Press, “I see any move to restrict alcohol sales, especially in venues that make it available to minors, as a step in the right direction. We will probably never see prohibition again, but Americans must recognize the clear and present danger that alcohol presents to those who drink, to their families, and to those they meet while impaired. Whether it comes in the form of beer, wine or hard liquor, alcohol is an addictive and dangerous drug, no less so than marijuana or cocaine. Social acceptability does not change the need for strict regulation of its availability.”

In the BP story, “Seminarians encounter persecuted Christians,” dated 8/15/00, please correct a name in the 10th paragraph to Nate Saint, not Jim Elliott.

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