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In the BP story, “CBF-related organization takes aim at SBC’s revised statement of faith,” dated 8/30/00, please replace the 14th paragraph with the following:

First Baptist, Greenville, severed its ties with the SBC in 1999 and was the first church in South Carolina to join the Alliance of Baptists. The Alliance of Baptists, which has practicing homosexuals as members, is a denomination-like group founded in opposition to the SBC. The Greenville church is the only church to twice host the Alliance of Baptists’ annual convocation. Forrester’s pastor, Hardy Clemons, is a former CBF moderator, making this the only church to have two of its own leaders as the CBF’s top elected leader. Clemons also caught the eye of Southern Baptists when he defended Mercer University President R. Kirby Godsey’s “When We Talk About God … Let’s Be Honest,” a 1996 book condemned as heresy by a Georgia Baptist Convention study committee.

— In the BP story, “Southern Seminary journal critiques ‘open theism’ as false doctrine,” dated 8/29/00, please replace the 4th paragraph with the following:

According to open theists, God is ignorant of future events, is impotent in the face of evil and sometimes even repents for being unable to control his creation. When it comes to carrying out his will, he is vacillating and tentative.

— In the BP story, “Pastors’ witness yields 1-0 score in ‘only game that really counts,'” dated 8/29/00, please substitute the following two paragraphs for the 21st and 22nd paragraphs:

Bryan McAnally, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Craig, Colo., called the program “awesome.” He said his people have led 59 people to Christ in three semesters, plus three in the first week of the fourth semester.

“We have 140 people enrolled in Sunday school and send out more than 50 every week in visitation evangelism,” McAnally said. “Our people are beginning to see the lost. They’re seeing neighbors and co-workers, people they’ve known for years, as lost souls.”

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