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— In the BP story, “SBCV responds to ‘false’ charges; announces first statewide mailing,” dated 11/17/00, please correct the final sentence to read: One of the editorial advisers is Cecil Sherman, the CBF’s first national coordinator and currently a professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, which is supported by the BGAV, the CBF and the Alliance of Baptists.

— In the BP story, “New Texas convention first to send SBC more CP receipts than it keeps in state,” dated 11/17/00, please correct the name of the new first vice president listed in the 7th paragraph to Gregg Simmons, pastor of First Baptist Church, Borger, not Randy Davis, pastor of Olsen Park Baptist Church, Amarillo.

Also, the 11th paragraph should note that the host church was Castle Hills First Baptist Church, San Antonio, and the name in the last paragraph should be corrected to Gerald Smith, not Gerald Harris.

— In the BP story, “Alabama Baptists affirm Bible; adopt record-setting CP budget,” dated 11/17/00, please change the number of messengers to 1778 in the 5th paragraph. Also, add an “e” to the spelling of Larnelle Harris’ name in the next to last paragraph.

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