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CP Missions seeks new generation of supporters via modern technology

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–A new line of resources to teach a new generation of Southern Baptists about the Cooperative Program — utilizing the latest in electronic technology – has made its debut.

Prototypes of the 2002 CP Missions products, including PowerPoint presentations, digital CD images and professional television-style commercials, were presented to members of the SBC’s Executive Committee at their Feb. 19 meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

“We want to teach a whole generation about the great work being done through CP Missions,” said David Hankins, vice president for the Cooperative Program. “And we wanted to provide fresh, new materials to help tell the story of CP missions at your church. Our focus this year is on improving our electronic promotional materials.”

Under the theme, “Caring People Partnering Together to Touch the World,” Hankins said CP Missions has a tremendous opportunity to reach the denomination’s Generation X members.

“CP Missions is committed to three things that we consider to be essentials,” Hankins said. “Missions in churches are essential. Cooperation is another essential that is a principle for a sound New Testament church. And churches must also be willing to sacrifice – to give.

“In reality,” he added, “CP Missions is your vehicle of choice to inspire your congregation to missions.”

Among the new products:

— CP Missions Express PowerPoint. Featured on a Compact Disc, CP Missions Express tells the story of CP Missions and explains how funding is distributed to the various SBC agencies.

— Missionary Moments. The traditional Missionary Moments has been produced in an electronic version on a compact disc that can be used with a personal computer.

–CP Missions Video Commercial, a professionally recorded video commercial that can be shown during church services.

— Super Dude and the CP Squad. For children and youth drama teams, CP Missions has produced a series of plays and activities surrounding a teenage superhero who teaches kids about missions.

–Super Dude Activity Book. The Super Dude Activity Book is a full-color activity guide filled with puzzles, games and coloring projects that point boys and girls toward CP Missions.

Hankins said additional information on the new electronic products can be found at the CP Missions Internet site, www.cpmissions.com.

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