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Cuban churches help with Haiti relief

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (BP)–Like the Macedonians who, in New Testament times, gave out of their poverty to the Christians in Jerusalem, Cuban Baptists have done the same for fellow believers in Haiti.

Moved by reports of desperate need in Haiti following the Jan. 12 earthquake, Cuban Baptists recently gave $6,000 specifically earmarked for disaster relief in the neighboring island nation.

Craig Culbreth, Florida Baptists’ partnership missions director, presented the gift on behalf of the Western Cuba Baptist Convention to the Confraternite Missionaire Baptiste d’Haiti. Florida Baptists have long-term partnerships with each group of Baptists.

The financial gift, the first Cuban Baptists have given to Haitian Baptists, “was a huge sacrifice for these churches,” Culbreth said. “They are hurting themselves but gave anyway. They gave out of their poverty.”

“The churches in Cuba have a heart for missions but because they are unable to travel they can’t send missionaries,” Culbreth said. “This offering was a result of them hearing about the earthquake and the needs as well as the great spiritual harvest that is happening in Haiti…. They wanted their Christian brothers and sisters in Haiti to know they cared and were excited for what is happening in their country.”
Margaret Dempsey-Colson is a freelance writer for the Florida Baptist Convention.

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