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Draper blog moves to LifeWay.com

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–James T. Draper Jr.’s weblog is relocating.

On June 1, Draper, president of LifeWay Christian Resources, launched a new weblog — also called a blog — on LifeWay’s younger leaders webpage (www.lifeway.com/youngerleaders). Once there, click on “weblog.” Draper cited the response to his original blog, posted at www.Crosswalk.com, as the reason for the change.

“When I ventured into the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea what type of response my blog would generate,” Draper said. “That’s why I wasn’t overly concerned about there not being a built-in response mechanism. I now realize I need to provide that avenue for comments.”

Draper said he received e-mails from several readers of his Crosswalk.com blog and felt there were comments that should have been available for public viewing, which many blogs allow. A comments feature was not available through Crosswalk.

Draper ventured into blogging as a way to connect more with younger leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention — a concern he voiced during the SBC’s 2004 annual meeting in Indianapolis. He followed his address to the SBC with several face-to-face dialogue sessions with younger men and women from across the denomination in several states.

Draper said once he learned more about weblogs and “blogging,” he believed it was an ideal way to stay connected to younger leaders.

Draper said his blog will serve as a platform for addressing issues relevant to the SBC’s June 21-22 annual meeting in Nashville and for a summit he will host June 19 for younger leaders at Global Café in downtown Nashville. The summit is a culmination of the dialogue sessions to this point and will feature several younger leaders speaking on various topics. The summit begins at 2 p.m. Registration and more information can be found on Draper’s blog and on the lifeway.com/youngerleaders website.

“I am excited about what is shaping up to be a great meeting,” Draper said. “I’m pleased with those younger leaders who have accepted invitations to speak and we’ll be releasing information about that as soon as we finalize the list. It’ll probably go up first on the blog.”

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