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EC to elect new officers, consider messenger motions before annual meeting

NEW ORLEANS (BP) – The SBC Executive Committee (EC) is scheduled to meet in New Orleans at 10 a.m. Monday, June 12, at the Sheraton New Orleans. The meeting precedes the kickoff of the 2023 SBC Annual Meeting.

“In conjunction with the SBC Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee board meeting is a great time for messengers to see firsthand how the EC conducts business,” said Willie McLaurin, EC interim president and CEO.

David Sons, EC chairman, added: “While there are challenges ahead of us, I am excited to highlight the good work that SBC Executive Committee trustees and staff have accomplished over the past year.”

The group will take up several issues related to budgetary items and the adoption of the EC’s annual report.

“During the EC meeting, we will take action that reflects the fiscal, fiduciary, and executive responsibilities entrusted to us by Southern Baptists,” McLaurin told BP.

They will also elect new officers and hear an update from the newly elected presidential search team led by Neal Hughes.

Sons has been the chairman since Jared Wellman’s resignation from the board in April. In a special called meeting in May, the board declined the previous presidential search committee’s recommendation that Wellman become the EC president and CEO. 

McLaurin said his report to trustees will also focus on the upcoming celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Cooperative Program.

Sons said the EC hopes to “provide the messengers with helpful responses to motions referred to our committee at last year’s annual meeting in Anaheim.”

Other items on the EC’s agenda are:

  • The consideration of a constitutional amendment related to the role of women in pastoral ministry
  • A request to examine the relationship between messengers and entity trustees
  • The filling of a vacancy on the Credentials Committee

The meeting preceding the Annual Meeting is a time of transition for the group, “I am looking forward to recognizing our trustees who have faithfully served and will be rotating off of the EC. Simultaneously, I am eager to see the new slate of officers who will be elected to serve over the next year,” McLaurin said.

The EC’s next scheduled meeting is Sept. 18-19.

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