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El Salvador radio program leads inmate to salvation

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (BP)–Christians in many countries are often prohibited from entering prisons to share the gospel with the incarcerated. But radio waves carrying the good news of salvation pass beyond the wire fences and iron bars.
The message of the “Family Harmony” program produced by Baptists in El Salvador has penetrated prison walls and the hearts of thousands of people across El Salvador and Guatemala. In the 13 years the program has aired, more than 120,000 requests have been received for assorted materials and Bible studies. An average of 20 people per month write indicating they’ve received Christ as a result of the ministry.
At least one person has even come by the small office located in the corner of the Baptist Bookstore in San Salvador, the capital city, to say thanks.
The young Colombian man had been running drugs from El Salvador to Guatemala. As he was about to cross the border on one trip, his five illegal passports and 85 kilos of cocaine were discovered by police. He eventually was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
There he heard the “Family Harmony” program broadcasting teachings about Jesus. He responded to the program’s offer and received Christian literature and a Bible study titled, “Abundant Life.” Soon after, he dedicated his life to Christ and encouraged other inmates to study the Bible with him and to listen to “Family Harmony.” Just four years into his sentence, he was released. No reason was ever given.
He stopped by the “Family Harmony” office to express his gratitude for the ministry that led him to Christ. He was on his way back to Colombia to share Jesus with his family.
Salvadoran Baptists also produce a short children’s program titled “Tia Sofia” (Aunt Sophie) carried on secular stations as well. Pushpins in a large map of El Salvador and Guatemala indicate locations from where mail sent by children has come. Of the 1,400-plus letters received in a recent month, more than 750 were from children. Office staff respond to every letter in an effort to lead people throughout the region to saving faith in Jesus Christ.