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‘Everyone Can’ evangelism church resources available online

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–Everyone can be on mission to share Jesus.

That refrain was voiced often during the Southern Baptist Convention this year as missionaries, pastors and laypeople shared personal evangelism stories. Now that “Everyone Can” theme is coming home to churches across the convention in an evangelistic emphasis designed to empower more churches to be on mission for Christ.

“Everyone Can … Be On Mission to Share Jesus” is the theme of this year’s On Mission to Share Jesus (OMTSJ) emphasis. Produced by the North American Mission Board, the event is observed each fall as churches challenge their members to cultivate an evangelistic lifestyle.

The suggested time to observe the emphasis will be Oct. 2 but churches are encouraged to use another date if it fits their schedule. The materials reinforce SBC President Bobby Welch’s “‘Everyone’ Can Kingdom Challenge!” for Southern Baptist churches to lead 1 million people to Christ and to baptize them during the coming church year.

Distribution of this year’s materials shifts to the Internet where churches can download and print the materials at a time convenient to them. Materials can be accessed by clicking on the link at www.namb.net.

Churches that do not have an Internet connection or that have trouble with the download can call NAMB at (770) 410-6315 to receive the materials on a CD. A portion of the materials also will be available in Spanish.

In addition to a planning guide and theme poster, the resource materials will include a sermon outline, skit, order of worship for a blended service, tips on how to inspire the congregation to be more involved in evangelism, and how to be an active member of the Kingdom Challenge movement.

This year’s emphasis also will include a special emphasis on children, said Dick Church, who coordinates the material for NAMB.

“George Barna has observed that ‘if a person does not accept Jesus Christ as Savior before the age of 14, the likelihood of ever doing so is slim,’” Church said. “That’s why we have created special resources for children, including how they can share their faith with their peers.”

The OMTSJ emphasis also includes a witness commitment day service and a separate witness training event. Churches frequently choose to download the One-Day and One-House Witnessing Workshop materials at www.namb.net/onedaywitness and to teach the material during the month of October or November.

Some churches teach both formats on alternate weeks to provide alternative formats and to increase participation. Witnessing cards, which come in packets of 100, can be purchased by calling 1-866-407-6262, Church added.

Those training events can serve as an introduction to more intensive training options later in the year. A secondary resource could be The NET, which builds on the information learned in the One-Day and One-Hour sessions.

The eight-session NET includes evangelism training with a NET visitation leader called a NET Mentor. The mentor is responsible for modeling ways to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

Welch has endorsed the OMTSJ evangelism emphasis as a way to help churches develop a Kingdom mindset.

“The greatest delight of my 31 years of ministry at First Daytona Beach is to see a large and mighty army of members who are equipped, trained and motivated to do personal evangelism,” Welch said. “Pastors and church leaders will never do anything better for their members than to train, equip and lead them in personal soul-winning. We don’t have a problem soul-winning will not solve.”

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