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Ex-con baking cakes for Lottie turns brother’s heart to Jesus

BAT CAVE, N.C. (BP)–Sweet smells of baking cakes and pies greeted David MacEachern as he walked through the door. He followed the aroma to his kitchen to find his brother and wife baking.

His brother, Danny, looked up from his perch at the table and smiled. David looked confused. He hadn’t expected to see Danny, a tough ex-convict covered in tattoos, making baked goods.

“We’re making chocolate pies and cakes for Lottie Moon,” Danny explained. “Do you know who she is? She’s a missionary who gave up everything to go tell the Chinese about Christ.”

David stared at the odd scene for another second and then escaped to the bathroom.

“It was then I knew my brother was for real about this Christianity thing,” he said. “Here was this big, tough guy baking cakes to raise money for Lottie Moon, and he was really excited about it.

“I knew at that point something was missing in my life.”

A few months earlier, Danny had attended a church service with a friend and given his life to Christ. He kept trying to get David to attend church with him. David’s wife, Marline, prayed he would join his family every Sunday in worship but it hadn’t happened.

Even after the Lottie Moon bake sale, David refused to go to church, but that day had made enough of an impact to keep him thinking of a lady who gave up everything for Christ and an ex-con whose life had changed dramatically because of Christ.

“I finally went to church for an Easter service and God just got hold of my heart,” David said. “I repented and got on fire for God.”

As David began building his relationship with God, an intense call to preach kept surfacing. Finally, he gave in and attended seminary. He now is the pastor of Bat Cave (N.C.) Baptist Church.

That day of baking for Lottie Moon continues to have an impact on David’s life. He has been involved in numerous mission volunteer projects in the United States and internationally. He wants others — no matter where they live — to hear of the Savior who changed his life.