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Families & churches join hands to aid Chinese lay evangelists

BEIJING (BP)–Lay evangelists from numerous house churches in China are not alone as they direct their efforts toward unreached people groups and cities with the gospel.

As these church planters systematically begin their outreach, they do so with the support of the churches that have commissioned them for the task and the supervision of house church leaders. Their home churches, in fact, take care of their families during the months they are involved in this vital task.

Families support their husbands and fathers during the months of separation by sending messages of encouragement, telling the church planters not to worry about them, but to commit themselves fully to the task.

In one recent instance, church leaders from a heavily evangelized ethnic minority group underwent a month of intensive church planting training in order to share the gospel with another ethnic minority group that is virtually unreached.

A Christian worker who participated in the training of the lay evangelists said, “It was such a life-transforming time for all of us. When the newly commissioned church planters went forth from the training, I was humbled by their sincere commitment and simple joy in the Lord.”

One man received a tape-recorded message from his 5-year-old son during the training. As he turned on the tape player, he heard his little boy say, “Don’t worry about us. You are doing God’s work. I will obey Mommy.”
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