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FamilyNet to provide free radio spots for pastors

ST. LOUIS (BP)–FamilyNet Television will provide free, customized radio spots for pastors during the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention and SBC Pastors’ Conference, June 10-12 in St. Louis.

Pastors will have the opportunity to record a customized tag to accompany four, pre-produced 30-second radio spots in a sound booth at the FamilyNet exhibit. The radio spots will be available in English and Spanish and are valued at $1,500. There will be no charge for this service to participants and the spots can be used to air on local radio stations to generate church attendance.

This is the fourth consecutive year FamilyNet has provided this service at the convention and it has become an event that hundreds of attending pastors will utilize.

“We seek to provide creative radio evangelism resources for our Southern Baptist pastors,” said David W. Clark, FamilyNet president. “We have produced over 1,000 customized radio spots for pastors in the FamilyNet booth since 1999 and are especially excited that we are able to offer the spots to our Spanish-speaking churches as well this year.”

Churches in small towns have been appreciative of FamilyNet’s free ministry service.

“We have run them for the past two years on our local station and have had good response from folks around the community,” said John Childers, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Washington, Ga. Childers voiced appreciation for “such an excellent resource for churches like ours who want to provide top-notch ads but can’t afford to produce them.”

FamilyNet Television, a division of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board, is a 24-hour television network airing more than 50 hours of original values-based programs weekly. FamilyNet broadcasts to a potential 34 million TV households and is available on cable systems and broadcast stations nationwide.

Additional information can be obtained at FamilyNetTV.com or by calling 1-800-832-6638.

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