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Farmer finds Rated-G Online trustworthy avenue to Internet


MARION, S.C. (BP)–Do you know what your sons and daughters are viewing on the Internet?
Steve Mace, a farmer with two teenagers, knows. And he is alarmed, taking seriously Jesus’ warning about our eyes being windows to our souls.
About a year ago, Mace felt led to cancel his Internet service — in spite of all the educational sites offered.
“I couldn’t justify allowing access to pornography and other negative influences into my home,” says Mace, who serves as chairman of deacons, Sunday school teacher of a couple’s class and discipleship training director at Marion (S.C.) Baptist Church. “I did not feel my sons were safe surfing the Net and, to be honest, I didn’t need another temptation in my life, either.
“I promised God that I’d never allow anything in my house that I was ashamed of, and there I was with this stuff readily available on the computer screen,” he continues. “Of course, I argued with God, ‘The Internet is the way of the future; it’s how we are going to do business.’ But he was right.”
Kids working alone on school reports can type in even the most innocent-sounding words and find themselves viewing pornographic, hate-filled, violence-promoting sites, he says.
A few months ago, however, the Mace family returned to the Internet — but this time, they were prepared.
They had heard about Rated-G Online, a Charlotte-based Internet service provider that blocks more than 5 million pages on the World Wide Web with objectionable material in 12 categories, including nudity, gambling, violence, sex, drug use, obscenity and criminal acts. Mace not only tried Rated-G Online, he liked it so much that he has become involved with the Christian-based company.
“As I researched this company, I became convinced that God wanted me to become involved; it is easy to point out things that are wrong with our society, but it is rare to be able to offer a solution.”
The company offers “a family safe Internet” with “all the good stuff and none of the bad,” says Mace, now the company’s representative in South Carolina. He promotes a partnering program for churches and Christian organizations — which gives a portion of the ISP’s monthly users fees to missions.
Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission participates in Rated-G Online’s partnering program, he notes, adding that the ERLC’s website — erlc.com — has a link to Rated-G Online.
Accessible in more than 1,000 cities without long-distance charges, Rated-G Online received the 1999 Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Filtered ISP” by Best of the Christian Web.
“I have a real burden for this ministry,” Mace reflects. “I feel there are probably a lot of people out there like me, wondering why we have to take all the bad with the good.”