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Fay: Fear no excuse for not sharing faith

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The fear of rejection is no excuse to avoid sharing the Gospel, says speaker and author Bill Fay, who suggests a change in perspective is all that’s needed.

Fay’s book “Share Jesus Without Fear” has been used by churches and Christian schools nationwide as an evangelism tool, and he regularly speaks at Share Jesus Without Fear seminars.

“The No. 1 reason that people do not share their faith is the fear of rejection,” Fay, who attends Summit Church in Fort Myers, Fla., told Baptist Press. “But they forget that it is Jesus that is being rejected, Scripture that is being rejected. And I know it feels like it’s you and I know it feels like it’s me that’s being rejected, but it’s never you, it’s never me.”

Christians, Fay said, must not take the credit when they lead someone to Christ and they must not take the blame when someone rejects the Gospel.

“If you went out today and asked someone if you could tell them about your Jesus, and they told you to take a hike, have you failed? No,” he said. “If you went out to another person and shared your faith and they accepted Christ, can you take credit for it? No. This is not about success or failure. It’s about obedience. My definition of success is sharing your faith, living your life out for Jesus Christ.”

Baptist Press is launching a column by Fay Jan. 5.
Compiled by Michael Foust, assistant editor of Baptist Press.

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