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FIRST-PERSON: A 2-year-old who stands 6’3″

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP)–The typical 2-year-old possesses a wide-eyed innocent expression and a curious demeanor. There are times when observers are tempted to liken a tot to an angel. However, don’t be fooled. Residing behind that sparkling countenance and guileless grin is a self-absorbed little beast.

A 2-year-old’s favorite word is some derivation of “my.” The only thing that matters more to a tike than possessing all the toys in a room or all the candy in a dish is having his or her way — period! If, perchance, that “way” is not granted, the child is going to do all in his or her power to make sure that everyone present is miserable.

There is no reasoning with a 2-year old, no negotiation tactics that yield success. Appeasement never works with a 2-year-old because they can never possess enough of anything. Compromise is futile with someone who is only concerned with his or her own happiness. Sanctions such as withholding treats or treasures are only successful as long as there is no doting grandparent present who, sympathizing with the child, promptly ignores the prohibitions.

Sometimes, the only thing a 2-year-old understands is that mommy or daddy is bigger and stronger. There are times when a parent must take control and restrain or reprimand a child physically. Otherwise, the 2-year-old increasingly may exert his or her will to satisfy his or her self-centered desires.

Be thankful that 2-year-olds are tiny. If they were 6’3″ and weighed 225 pounds, they might rule not only their parents, but also the world.

Having said all of the above, the case could be made that Saddam Hussein exhibits all the tendencies of an undisciplined 2-year-old.

Saddam is often shown in pictures smiling. At times he is depicted moving compassionately among his people. It is always Hussein who is misunderstood. If somehow the world could grasp his perspective, everyone would realize that Saddam is a leader with integrity. However, like a capricious 2-year-old, his innocence is a facade.

In reality, Saddam Hussein is a self-absorbed megalomaniac. He has no regard for human life, having used chemical weapons on his own people. It is reported that he routinely executes those he deems less than loyal and that he has a penchant for torture.

The United Nations has tried for more than a decade to reason with Saddam via peaceful means. However, the leader of Iraq has resisted, and even ignored, the requirements the world placed on him after the Gulf War. The United Nations response has been that of a parent who is afraid of his or her child’s wrath. The international organization has bent over backward to appease little Saddam less he throw a temper tantrum. Recently it has been revealed that some countries, like doting grandparents, have ignored sanctions and have actually been doing business with Iraq.

Like some unruly 2-year-olds, the only thing Saddam Hussein understands is a strong guiding hand. Saddam has had more than enough time to learn to “play” properly in the world’s sandbox, but he refuses to get along. All the while he is working at securing “toys” that will surely be used to harm his playmates. It is time that Saddam be removed from the sandbox.

The process of removing a spoiled, self-centered child from playtime is not pleasant. He or she will likely kick, scream, throw sand and toss toys. However, once the belligerent brat is gone, things are always much, much better.

And until the selfish child is dealt with, no one can play in peace.

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  • Kelly Boggs