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FIRST-PERSON: Abortion is all about sex

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–Pro-abortion activists have long maintained that abortion in America is about a woman’s “right to choose.” They are correct. Abortion in the United States is about the right of a woman –- or teenage girl in too many cases –- to choose to have sex without any regard for the “negative” repercussion of pregnancy.

In a recent Village Voice column, Rachel Kramer Bussel highlighted the pro-sex aspect of the abortion debate. She wrote, “I’m pro-choice because I couldn’t fully enjoy sex were I’m consumed with worry about the potential consequences.”

Bussel’s sentiment is consistent with statistics on abortion motives. According to several surveys on why women choose abortion in the U.S., around 90 percent of respondents indicate their reason for aborting their unborn child was based on some aspect of convenience.

If, and when, you hear pro-abortionists squawk about abortion being about the health of a woman, ignore them. Abortion in America is not about women’s health, it is about a woman’s sexual independence.

Bussel, a senior editor at Penthouse Variations and a columnist for Penthouse magazine, also writes the Village Voice’s regular “Lusty Lady” column and reviews books for The New York Post. She links the pro-abortion movement with other activist groups.

“We need to safeguard all forms of consensual sexual expression, including sodomy and kink, for ‘choice’ to truly matter,” Bussel wrote in the Village Voice piece. “The pro-choice movement and the GLBT movement should work together to ensure our right to sexual autonomy.”

I do not know how much official cooperation takes place between homosexual activists and proponents of abortion. However, I do know that I have never witnessed a pro-abortion rally that did not have a strong presence of homosexual activists participating.

What do homosexual activists have in common with pro-abortion activists? “Gay” activists seek to legitimize homosexual behavior by promoting a view of sexuality that is completely severed from procreation.

Homosexual activists have a vested interest in convincing society that reproduction and sexual intercourse are somehow mutually exclusive. Bussel not only understands the link, but is one of the few willing to admit it.

Bussel wrote in the Village Voice, “People have sex for many reasons — pleasure, boredom, curiosity, peer pressure, and, yes, baby-making.” What Bussel and activists — both homosexual and pro-abortion –- miss is that procreation is the main purpose of sex and not just one of many reasons.

No doubt sex is pleasurable; however, pregnancy is the natural outcome of sex. It is not just something to engage in when bored, curious or seeking pleasure. If the primary purpose of sex was anything other than procreation, pregnancy would not be the result.

Sadly, the success of activists in divorcing sex from procreation has resulted in the death of more than 47 million pre-born babies. It has also laid the foundation for a sexual ethic that has managed to compartmentalize intercourse from reproduction and made both seem mutually exclusive of one another. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sexual intimacy is the consummation of a life-long promise to be faithful to one’s marital spouse, as well as a commitment to the probable consequence of intercourse -– a child. Thanks to abortion supporters, far too many in America now view sexual intercourse as nothing more than a no-strings-attached recreational pursuit.
Boggs is editor of the Baptist Message newspaper in Louisiana.

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