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FIRST-PERSON: Drive-by praying

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP) — Think about how much time you and your family spend in the car.

Then think about how you use that time.

Whatever you typically do, I challenge you to use your time to pray as you drive — even to pray aloud as a family as you go.

Think about how many places and people you pass every day for which you might do “drive-by praying”:

— Other churches. How many churches do you drive by daily, but don’t think about praying for them?

— Schools. It’s important that somebody be praying for the teachers, the teens and the children. If you drive by a school, be that intercessor.

— Centers of other world faiths. When you see a mosque, a temple or some other religious meeting place, pray that the leaders and the people who attend there might turn to Christ. You might be the first person and family ever to pray for them.

— Hospitals. Inside those walls are people likely to be dealing with life and death. Who’s lifting them to God?

— “Pockets of sin.” I don’t know what that might be in your community. It might be an abortion clinic, an adult entertainment venue, a gang-ridden area or another pocket of sin. I do know that prayer for that place matters.

— Bad drivers. You know, the person who cut you off in traffic. Rather than curse under your breath, why not pray for him or her instead?

— Military bases. These men and women put their lives on the line for us. We have an obligation to pray for them and their chaplain leaders.

— Unchurched neighbors. How many neighbors do you see as you drive to church on Sunday? Interceding for them is a great idea.

— Fire stations and police departments. As a former firefighter, I’m partial to this one. In fact, every siren you hear indicates somebody may be in trouble. Let that familiar wail be a call to prayer for you and your family.

— Government buildings. The apostle Paul reminded us to pray for those in authority over us (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Do that when you see government buildings and offices as you drive.

— Truck drivers. Some drive long hours and spend days away from home. Why not say a quick prayer as you pass a semi?

— Highway workers. Only God knows what might happen if every believer who passes a highway worker prays for her or him.

All of us can take this challenge. Use your drive time wisely by watching and praying. Get your family involved and I can almost guarantee that your young kids and grandkids won’t miss opportunities to pray.

A short ride in the car can change eternity.

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  • Chuck Lawless