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FIRST-PERSON: Getting ‘my way’ with God — Part 4

DORA, Ala. (BP)–There’s one more reason why we don’t get a “yes” to some of our prayer requests.

Beyond the reasons listed in the first three parts of this series, there is the matter of faith. As Hebrews 11:6a puts it: “… without faith it is impossible to please God …” (HCSB).

Let’s say you’re broke and you want to ask a friend for $5. You look around the room and spot a person that you can be fairly sure doesn’t have a dime in his pocket. Would you ask him for the money? Would you stand there filled with confidence that he was going to help you? Certainly you wouldn’t. Why? Because you know him, and you know he’s most likely incapable of helping you with your problem.

And as sad as it is, we sometimes approach God with the same attitude. We think our problem is bigger than He is. Let me assure you: There’s nothing in this world too big for God to handle, and it is absolutely crucial that we believe that.

We also think that we’re not important enough for God to fool with. Once again, let me assure you: He loves all of us equally. In Acts 10 we read about Peter going to the home of Cornelius in Caesarea and teaching the Gentiles. He told them that God loved them even as He loved the Jews. “… God shows no favoritism…,” Peter told them (Acts 10:34).

And He doesn’t show favoritism. Your problem is just as important to God as the president’s or any other believer’s. He simply wants you to trust Him to be able to take care of you IN your problem just as well as He can if He chooses to REMOVE your problem.

Jesus’ half-brother James also spoke about doubting. He said that when we pray we should “ask in faith without doubting. For the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord” (James 1:6-7).

Don’t allow Satan to con you into thinking you’re unworthy of God’s attention. If you’re His child, He loves you infinitely and wants to be the answer to your every need and concern. No, don’t expect God to act because you deserve for Him to -– none of us do. But expect Him to act because He’s faithful, He loves you and He truly desires to pour out blessings on those who desire to do His will and bring Him glory.
Judy Woodward Bates is an author, speaker and TV/radio personality. Visit her website at:www.bargainomics.com.

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