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FIRST-PERSON: Hello, this is First Baptist …

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)–She’s often the first to represent your church, and her special day is coming. On Administrative Professional’s Day, Wednesday, April 21, will you — a church member or staff member — bless her (or him) in some way? Need fresh ideas?

Wouldn’t she be surprised to arrive at work to find brewed coffee and a tray of pastries and fruit in her honor? Or helium balloons tied to her chair? Or dozens of “Thank God for Phoebe!” signs hung around the office?

The church website, newsletter, bulletin or pre-service PowerPoint could acknowledge her service with a photo, comment about her work, her favorite Scripture and a request for members to pray for her this week.

Need thoughtful gift ideas? Order a personalized study Bible or note cards. Make a certificate or T-shirt to proclaim her “Best Administrative Assistant in [your town].” Buy a gift in her name for missions. A desk set, electronic desk gadget, plant for her desk. A good book, bouquet of favorite flowers, restaurant gift card. Tickets to her favorite sports event, Christian concert, garden show or theatre. Be sure to include a hand-written note of appreciation for her work.

If a group in the church or the whole church wants to collaborate:

— Put a beautiful, large vase on her desk with a single flower. All day, staff and church members stop by with a couple more flowers and words of thanks, ultimately creating a gorgeous bouquet.

— Each person could contribute an item for a themed basket — teas, crosses, books, fishing. Or spray paint a branch and attach items and notes to create a themed gift tree, such as a Chocolate Tree.

— Each day during the week a different group could bring lunch or take her out.

— Everyone could contribute one of some item she likes (i.e. golf balls, Snickers.) Beautifully wrap one; put the rest all around the office for her to discover that day.

How about a surprise lunch in her honor? Invite church staff, her husband or friend, and people she sees regularly at work, such as the postal carrier, custodian or church leaders. She would arrive to unexpected applause and “thank you” signs. Each guest could present her a balloon as they share a story or word about her uplifting ministry. (Be sure to invite the waiter and postal carrier to church on Sunday.)

Most importantly, say the words. Pick up the phone, send an e-mail or text, or stop by to express appreciation. As you show honor to God’s servants, you honor God, too.
Diana Davis is the author of Fresh Ideas (B&H Publishing) and the wife of the Indiana Baptist State Convention executive director. Learn more at www.keeponshining.com.

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