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FIRST-PERSON Her bivocational husband carries on ‘when he seems to be past going’

EDITORS’ NOTE: The following reflection is by Jina Alred, whose husband, Greg, is bivocational pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Hartselle, Ala.

HARTSELLE, Ala. (BP)–God has a calling for each one of us. I feel like my calling is that of a bivocational minister’s wife. I know God put us together, and may we always work together to accomplish his will and purpose in our lives.
It takes a very dedicated man to be a bivocational minister. You have to go when you are called.
When you do your best at both jobs, there’s very little time left.
When you add family and self, there is usually no time left.
I find the most difficult part to be watching Greg keep going when he seems to be past going. Nevertheless, God always lifts us up.
He gives us strength when we are weak. My favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” When circumstances arise I do not understand, I recite this verse over and over, and I know to let God handle the situation.
There’s so much work that goes on that nobody ever sees or realizes but the family. There are those days when Greg runs in the door, showers, grabs a suit and leaves again. These are the tough times.
We have three daughters -­ Mallory, 11, McKensie, 6, and Macy, 4 -­ that he leaves behind wanting to play, not able to understand why he had to go. I think we all have a selfish part in us that screams, “What about me and my family?” Prayer is an essential tool we must use daily along with a steady devotion time. This is the only thing that keeps us going when we have feelings of neglect.
I find being a bivocational minister’s wife discouraging at times and very encouraging at times. Sometimes when we are in our lowest valley, one little word of encouragement will help us start climbing back up the mountain.
I try to help out all I can because there’s only so much one man can do. I feel like my duty is to encourage, support and pray for my husband. It is very important to help him balance all his jobs.
Please help pray for all bivocational ministers and their families so they will have strength to fulfill all their duties.

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