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FIRST-PERSON: Sharing Gospel becomes part of everyday life in Africa

Editor’s note: Global Missionary Partners, like Wendy Lee, are national church-planting partners based overseas who work with IMB teams but are fully funded through a local church, a network of churches, or a Baptist convention.

Since I moved to Africa six months ago to serve as a Global Missionary Partner, I’ve been learning that when I follow the Lord, He will supply all my needs in life. Every day is joyful and my heart is grateful.

One challenging part of the transition has been language learning. I’m Taiwanese, so I only speak Chinese. But I began studying French at a local school here soon after I arrived. Even though I can’t share the Gospel in French yet, God understands my heart is still to share the Gospel.  

In fact, in my class there was actually one other student, Mei Mei, who spoke Chinese. As she and I got to know each other, I had a chance to share the Gospel with her. But she wasn’t ready to believe. Actually, she said she’d never believe.  

As it happens though, since there is no Chinese-speaking church in our city, a group of Chinese-speaking believers gathers each week for Bible study at Mei Mei’s uncle’s house. Though Mei Mei didn’t believe, she began coming to listen.

One week, we studied about Jesus’ baptism from John 3. This is one of my favorite Bible passages. Hearing that God declared Jesus was His beloved Son always reminds me how much God loves me.

That day I felt moved to ask Mei Mei one more time, “Would you like to believe?” To my great surprise, she answered, “Why would I not want this?”

Mei Mei was baptized a few weeks later and has since been helping me share the Gospel with other Chinese speakers in our community. Several others have also come to faith, and we give all the praise and glory to God.

I used to think that to share the Gospel, you needed to be an eloquent speaker or have lots of knowledge about Scripture. Now, though, I understand better that it really only matters if you have a desire to obey the Lord and help others come to know Him. Whether or not they believe is the Holy Spirit’s job.

Sharing the Gospel has become a regular part of my life. I pray that I will continue to see God’s wonderful works here in Africa as I depend on Him every day.

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  • Wendy Lee as translated by Stella McMillan