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FIRST-PERSON: Strategically placed by God

ATLANTA (BP)–Our economy is under enormous pressure. Everyone in the business world feels it. Not everyone knows how to handle it, or what to do next. However. God has strategically place His children in key leadership roles in the midst of our nation, and our world just for such a time as this. So many are sensing this time as a “call of God” to honor Him in the workplace. But how does one do this?

— First, by keeping very close to God in your personal life. Your time alone with God, every morning is crucial to hearing from God, and being used of God.

— Second, one must believe that God is not only Sovereign in the marketplace of today, but in that sovereignty He has chosen to place you carefully in the midst of it all.

— Third, that God often deliberately allows impossible situations in the minds of the world [ie. our present economy], so He can show Himself through His own to a watching world. He will give Wisdom in decision-making, understanding in difficulties, and counsel in bewildering unusual circumstances [see Isaiah 11:2 for what the Spirit enables in one of God’s Own].

This, I believe, is why Jesus prays earnestly to the Father: “…I do not pray that You should take them out of the world…” [John 17:15]. In this time of economic uncertainty, especially for the future, this can be our greatest hour! At this moment there is an incredible “spiritual hunger” for real, certain answers-from the heart of God. Many are and will be looking to God’s people to see if they are close enough to God to receive from Him these kinds of answers for their lives. And they will be looking to see if we are living out His Peace and Joy in the midst of all this ‘uncertainty’. What an opportunity for solid evangelism. God wants to give real life answers, not merely ‘religious’ answers, and clichés. Real life demands real answers, and these come only from God, through His committed people, in the marketplaces of the nation.

God can guide, and is guiding Christian CEOs and management to make strategic decisions in this economic downturn. They are putting their employees first, and profits second. They are ‘team’ sensitive, even as Jesus was with His disciples. They are seeking God for “security” for the future. They are asking for Divine Wisdom as stewards of people’s lives” and as responsible managers in key companies. So many are watching what they are doing, including key government and civic leaders. But not only are they watching, they are acknowledging their faith in God. God really does “work all things together for good, to those who love God, and are the called according to His purpose…” (Rom. 8:28).

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  • Henry Blackaby