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FIRST-PERSON: The other face of ‘gay’ America

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP)–Between now and Nov. 2, at least nine states will vote on constitutional amendments that seek to affirm traditional marriage. Add to that the fact that a Federal Marriage Amendment proposing the same is still being discussed in Congress, and most of America can expect to be treated to an abundance of advertising designed to influence voter opinion on the subject.

Those who favor homosexual “marriage” will offer images of smiling couples with kids in tow. A soothing voice will seek to convince voters that these happy families are the face of “gay” America. The thrust of these ads will be that homosexual relationships are natural, normal and healthy.

The advertising described above is a foregone conclusion because it is the same tune that homosexual activists have been singing for years. One aspect of their agenda is to persuade society to celebrate and affirm homosexuality -– along with bisexuality and transsexuality — as morally equivalent to heterosexuality.

There is another more chilling aspect to the agenda being pushed by homosexual activists: the silencing of any and all criticism of homosexuality. It is subtle and will not even be hinted at in ads aimed at voters this fall.

When the more sinister aspect of the activists’ agenda is exposed, supporters of homosexual “rights” scoff at the notion. However, countries that have embraced homosexuality as natural, normal and healthy are passing laws designed to silence critics.

Canada recently passed Bill C-250 which effectively criminalizes any speech or writings that criticize homosexuality. Anything judged to be “homophobic” is punishable by up to six months in prison and/or other severe penalties.

A Pentecostal preacher in Sweden recently was sentenced to one month in prison after being found guilty of offending homosexuals in a sermon. Pastor Ake Green was found to be in violation of Sweden’s “national law against incitement” after preaching a message denouncing homosexuality activity as “abnormal” and “perverted.”

If homosexuality is ever officially sanctioned in America, you can expect activists to push for laws that will silence any criticism of their lifestyle.

A favorite tool already being employed by “gay” activists — though rarely reported in the media -– is the boycott.

When Virginia lawmakers voted to affirm traditional marriage in June, homosexual activists called for a boycott of the state. According to WorldNetDaily, activists from Seattle launched Virginiaisforhaters.com in an effort to force legislators in the Old Dominion to repeal their support of traditional marriage.

Another activity that activists utilize on a more localized scale is what I call the “subtle snub,” which occurs in areas with a high percentage of homosexual residents.

In an effort to court “gay” consumers, merchant groups will market themselves as homosexual-friendly. Any member who refuses to identify his or her business as supportive of homosexuality is conspicuously omitted from an approved list of establishments that are officially deemed “gay friendly.”

I have a friend who owns a motel in the Pacific Northwest. She recently received a questionnaire from the local chamber of commerce. Among the questions the chamber asked was, “Does your business welcome homosexuals?”

Just what does it mean for a hotel to be “gay friendly”? Does it mean there are pink towels in the bathrooms? Does it mean there is happy hour in the hot tub? Does it mean nude Twister is allowed in the activity room? Does it mean show tunes are the featured music in the elevator?

My friend does not want to be viewed as endorsing homosexuality, which is what she feels she would be doing by listing her motel as “gay friendly.” At the same time, homosexuals are welcome to stay at her inn anytime so long as the hot tub is kept family friendly and the Twister game stays out of the activity room.

My friend understands that by refusing to be listed as “welcoming” to homosexuals, she will be “subtly snubbed.” “Gay” visitors to her area, and those who support them, will quietly avoid her motel. They will dismiss the hospitality of her inn and its panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean simply because she does not believe homosexuality is natural, normal or healthy.

Between now and Nov. 2, don’t be deceived by images of smiling homosexual couples being touted as the face of “gay” America. What will not be revealed is the sinister side — the activists’ desire to silence any and all criticism of homosexuality.
Kelly Boggs’ column appears each week in Baptist Press. He is pastor of the Portland-area Valley Baptist Church in McMinnville.

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