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FIRST-PERSON: Time to face the facts

DENVER (BP)–It concerns me and thousands of Americans that some have an intolerance for Christian points of view while other non-mainstream points of view are accepted and embraced, even at the risk of our impending doom.

However, even more of a concern is that those who claim to walk the Christian walk would remain silent during an attack on their beliefs by many minority groups. These minority groups are gaining speed rapidly and have already mounted a strong assault on family, life and truth. What is their next target? Your freedom to worship God? I am sorry, but that has already happened, too! We are late, very late.

A recent example of minority intolerance toward Christian views and people is the protest by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organization against Larry King. GLAAD is pressuring King to keep Dr. James Dobson, founder and president of the Focus on the Family ministry, from appearing on his TV program.

This group of people does not compare in numbers to the millions of Americans who support Dr. Dobson, but the supporters are apparently sitting in silence and doing nothing. If the family is to move forward, then leaders such as Dobson must be vigorously supported and defended in the face of minority groups who profit again by our silence, as they have previously done numerous times.

Our God cannot possibly be glorified in our silence in these all-important matters of truth and morality in our nation. In the words of a popular Christian song, I ask, “if we are the body, why aren’t our hands reaching?” As the body, of course, we represent not only the eyes and ears and heart of God but also His hands and feet and mouth that move to change the way things are. We are being defeated (Roe v. Wade, the Pledge of Allegiance, Ten Commandments) and stand in danger of not finding character enough to defend those things that are right.

Millions have died for the freedom we now appreciate, while merely thousands have twisted that freedom to the service of a one-sided agenda and millions more simply let them.

My proposal is this: I challenge each pastor to seek to develop interest groups in their churches, men and women who will attend to the important issues in life, especially the issues of family. Otherwise, we stand in danger of keeping silent concerning our position, and failing to encourage the spine of the body of Christ to stiffen and to make the difference it needs to make.

For me, that spine is represented by the likes of Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family. We should now join him in the fight, on our own grounds, in our own neighborhoods. We dare not leave it up to the few, but as we make up the majority, we who are American, must rise together to the challenge.
Michael Romero is pastor of Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana, a Southern Baptist congregation in Denver. Concerns about the scheduling of James Dobson on Larry King Live can be addressed to CNN via www.cnn.com/feedback.

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