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FIRST-PERSON: Use video testimonials in your church

FORT MYERS, Fla. (BP)–In our last article, we began to talk about the obvious problem in the church — the silence of people in evangelism. Here’s one suggestion to help remedy this sinful enigma that is in our church.

Pastor, when is the last time you had someone give their testimony in your church? We’ve lost the testimonial in churches. Why not have everyone in the church record their testimony on video, and then play them back during the service? The church can provide the video equipment. There could be a one-minute description where church members tell what their life was like before they met Jesus Christ, one minute of telling how they met Jesus, and one minute telling about the difference Jesus Christ as made in their life.

You can tell everyone that they should do this for posterity sake. You see, people have come to believe a lie that their testimony is not significant. You don’t have to be a former drug-induced hippie to have a testimony. Have you met Jesus? That’s a dynamite testimony. A non-believer can’t say that, but a believer can.

When you present a video testimony every Sunday at your church, I promise you three things will happen. No. 1, it will bond the church. Mary will realize Suzie wasn’t always who she thought she was. No. 2, it will convict the nonbeliever sitting in the pew. They might relate to the testimony and not necessarily the sermon. No. 3, it will remind everyone what this church is all about. When we play video testimonies, people come back to remembering how great our God is.

Testimonies are simple to give. Let’s begin by videotaping everyone in our churches — man, woman, and child — who will claim the name of Jesus Christ.
Bill Fay is an evangelist and author of “Share Jesus without Fear.” To contact him, visit www.sharejesuswithoutfear.com.

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