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FIRST-PERSON: Whether innocent babies live or die

LYNCHBURG, Va. (BP)–“One of our major objectives in the 2002 election is to retain pro-choice leadership in the Senate.”

Those are the words of Kate Michelman, president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), explaining how important it is for abortion-rights proponents to ensure that Democratic candidates win Senate races in nine key states in November.

NARAL is spending thousands of dollars purchasing radio ads backing Democratic candidates, including Sen. Robert Torricelli, N.J., who in 1996 accepted illegal campaign contributions from a friend in exchange for his intervention in international business deals in the Koreas.

NARAL says it will ultimately spend millions in support of abortion-rights candidates in several elections.

“It’s most important because of the potential of nominations to the Supreme Court,” Ms. Michelman said.

Thus, in the judicial arena, NARAL is involved in a smear campaign of qualified judicial nominees by President Bush. One target is Priscilla Owen. Here is what NARAL says about this woman they describe as a “dedicated conservative judicial activist”: “Given the opportunity to serve on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, she would likely vote to erect barriers between a woman and her constitutional right to choose.”

But here’s the truth about Judge Owen, as described by John Nowacki, director of legal policy at the Free Congress Foundation: “Her record is so exemplary that during her re-election campaign, she was endorsed by every major newspaper in Texas and received over 80 percent of the vote. And when she was nominated to the federal bench, even the American Bar Association gave her its highest rating, ‘Well-Qualified.'”

You see, the facts rarely matter to abortion-rights proponents. They have the seek-and-destroy mentality of Bill Clinton and will carelessly destroy the careers of good people in order to preserve their sacred cow of abortion. They care only about their relentless and vengeful quest that American women retain the “right” to terminate the lives of the innocent babies living within them — for whatever reason (and even for no reason at all).

I often wonder how abortion-rights leaders live with themselves. Under the claim of “reproductive freedom,” Ms. Michelman and her compatriots preach a deadly message to young women — express yourself sexually however you wish and simply destroy the consequences should you become pregnant.

In fact, abortion-rights leaders ignore volumes of scientific findings that suggest women who undergo abortions are much more likely to suffer from breast cancer. They ignore the fact that many women who have abortions suffer great emotional damage.

How long can the abortion-rights community ignore these real hazards of abortion? How long will our mainstream media allow them to get away with this?

The right-to-abortion community has steered our nation down a dark passage of convenience at all costs under the guise that the “mainstream” supports this effort.

However, I believe the silent majority of Americans opposes the modern holocaust known as abortion on demand. But therein lies the key problem — silence.

It is high time that Americans who support the life of the unborn relinquish their comfortable existence and become active in winning this critical battle.

I am proudly and unapologetically pro-life. I utilize every opportunity to declare my opposition to abortion and my support of life. My ministry has operated the Liberty Godparent Home for unwed mothers for 20 years. Thousands of girls have chosen life over abortion through this program. We also operate the Family Life Services Adoption Agency, which places newborn babies with Christian couples who cannot have children of their own.

The reward of these two ministries is that babies live.

What is the reward of the abortion-rights movement? Babies die.

It’s that simple, really.

Get involved in the pro-life movement. Start a pro-life association in your neighborhood or church. Donate to pro-life organizations. Become a volunteer at a home for unwed mothers in your area –there are thousands of them nationwide. Urge your area schools to adopt abstinence programs.

We live in a culture of death that the abortion-rights community has introduced and nurtured. It behooves each one of us to do whatever it takes to protect innocent life.
Falwell is pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Va., and chancellor of Liberty University.

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