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Former music executive finding time to fight Nashville homosexual proposal

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Jerry Flowers hasn’t always been in the middle of a political and moral battle. In fact, his initial reaction was to avoid it.

For more than 10 years Flowers worked for Gaylord Entertainment, rubbing elbows with nearly every country music star as an executive for the corporate giant.

Flowers left Gaylord five years ago and today is a self-employed consultant in intellectual property and marketing industries.

He also is involved in the current debate over a Nashville, Tenn., sexual orientation proposal, which he opposes as he speaks to various groups about the homosexual-rights strategy.

“I saw so much unconcern about it and I’ve seen the dangers, that I just said, ‘Somebody’s got to start educating people about what the real agenda is,'” he told Baptist Press.

Flowers operates a website — religionmatters.org — that includes news about faith issues. A bachelor’s degree in journalism — he picked music over writing after college — has come in handy.

“When it affects your ability to live in a society as a Christian, you’ve got to step out and be among the ones who are counted,” he said. “I would rather stand before God and have him rebuke me for trying too hard than for trying too little.”

His goal is also to educate his homosexual friends.

“I have never hidden my religious and moral views from my homosexual friends or coworkers, nor have I hesitated to answer when asked,” he said. “I have never pushed them or condescended to being ‘preachy.’ To my recollection, I have never knowingly derided or belittled people for the choices they make. … I have made plenty of wrong choices myself, and when I have made, or make, mistakes, I desire to be treated with compassion.”
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