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Frank Page statement on climate change

TAYLORS, S.C. (BP)–Following is the full text of Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page’s statement on global climate change released March 10:

Some of you are aware of a recent document about biblical stewardship and environmentalism which I, along with other Southern Baptist Convention leaders, signed. Let me share some of the important issues found in this document as well as the intent of this particular signer.

I am very thankful to be one of those who signed this document which calls for believers to be involved in responsible environmental care. This document mentions the fact that some of God’s people have been too timid in years past about speaking to this issue.

Let me clearly state that I do not believe this is true of the Southern Baptist Convention in an official capacity. In fact, Southern Baptists have long stood for a clear environmental message which takes seriously God’s call to guard and keep the earth. We have been balanced and responsive in our calls for care. As Southern Baptist Convention president, I totally stand behind the resolutions that have been passed in recent years.

However, in a broader sense, many of God’s people have been timid about speaking out regarding issues which relate to environmentalism. Perhaps this timidity has been a fear that speaking out would tie us to the very extreme left wing liberal environmental lobby. Some in this group are known for harsh political tirades. Others have issued irresponsible calls for economic change which would devastate the economies of some of the poorest nations in the world.

I am certain all the signers of this document are aware that global warming is not the only factor which may affect climate change. As the Convention stated in its 2007 resolution on Global Warming, the scientific research on human-induced global warming is conflicting at best. Regardless, humans are responsible to be good stewards of God’s good creation.

The document in question is simply a call to responsible biblical stewardship of our environment. We believe that our world was given to us by our Creator, and we must care for it.

Some have asked if this is official Southern Baptist Convention policy. Everyone who reads this needs to be reminded that neither I, nor any other Southern Baptist, can make policy for our Convention. As individuals, we are called to be a part of the discipling of God’s people. Sometimes these truths are difficult to hear and sometimes may be misunderstood.

May God help us learn to debate important issues such as this in a way that honors differing opinions while also honoring the teaching of God’s Holy Word. It is my prayer that this will help our evangelistic witness in a culture which is increasingly sensitive to these issues.


Frank S. Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention

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