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‘Frazzled Female’ antidote: time with God, author writes

NASHVILLE, Tenn.(BP)–As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two, Cindi Wood is familiar with the stress and strain of daily responsibilities that can send a sane woman into a frenzy.

That’s why she wrote “The Frazzled Female”: to point women to the one thing their busy schedules can’t be without — time alone with God.

Wood’s book, from Broadman & Holman, the publishing arm of LifeWay Christian Resources, offers a bottom-line cure for the frenetic woman — a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ resulting in intimacy with God, positive thinking and a healthy way of living.

Wood defines the frazzled female as a “21st century woman who is stressed, frayed, challenged, frenetic — and totally dependent on God to keep all the segments of her life together.”

She not only explores the emotional consequences of a stressed life, but also such physical ramifications as stomach cramps, headaches, shortness of breath, muscle twitches and neck pain.

“We would not be as stressed out if we would take more time to relax, exercise, eat properly and enjoy God’s gifts of celebration,” Wood writes.

To meet the demands of work, home and other activities, today’s woman often sacrifices time with God in order to get everything done, Wood writes, noting that God nevertheless desires a relationship with them.

“When you give Him your time, He showers His love and peace and joy through your day,” she writes. “The things you do become more God-centered and less frenetic. He takes your time and multiplies it with His blessings.”

Wood challenges women to pray over their to-do lists and to seek God’s wisdom in everyday activities.

“God does not want you to do every good thing,” Wood writes. “For some reason, we busy women equate being busy for God as being productive for Him. He is showing me that I’m more productive when I am less busy and more relaxed.”

Exhorting women to pure motives in all of their “good” activities, Wood writes, “Many women work so hard doing so many good things for so many people that they bypass the one thing in life that is important and that’s an intimate love relationship with Jesus,” she wrote. “God wants us to minister to and meet the needs of others; however, our time with Him is more important than anything we can do for Him.”
“The Frazzled Female” is available at LifeWay Christian Stores and online at LifeWayStores.com.

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