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From tent city near Iraqi border, worker reports on refugee aid

AMMAN, Jordan (BP)–In the rugged desert on Jordan’s border with Iraq, a tent city has been set up for refugees fleeing hostilities in Iraq. Baptists and other evangelical Christians are there, ministering to the needs of Sudanese, Somalians, Egyptians and others who left the country with only the clothes on their backs.

Baptist worker Charles Browning says ministering to cold and hungry refugees not only demonstrates God’s love in a practical way, but it also gives workers the opportunity the share the gospel.

“If you tell somebody, ‘Go in peace’ and ‘God loves you,’ but you don’t feed them or clothe them, then really, what does that mean to them?” Browning said. “They just say, ‘Oh, they don’t care for us!’ So by helping these areas, it starts a basis for sharing the complete gospel to them and what we believers are about. And that is the whole person and not just one part of a specific

An Arkansas native, Browning has served in Jordan for 20 years.

Browning’s report, via audio link, can be accessed at http://rodan.implex.net/alliedvaughn/IMB/Iraq/creswell_0331_feedhi.wma.

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