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‘Gay agenda’ divides ‘entire nation,’ Floyd writes in new book

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Will & Grace. Oprah Winfrey. Britney Spears. All are part of America’s entertainment culture, and all have played a significant role in America’s increasing acceptance of homosexuality, Ronnie Floyd writes in his latest book.

“The Gay Agenda is finding a place throughout our schools, textbooks, and media, straight into the hearts of children and young people,” Floyd writes in “The Gay Agenda,” published by New Leaf Press.

“… Make no mistake, two irreconcilable agendas are at war.”

Floyd, pastor of First Baptist Church in Springdale, Ark., and former president of the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference, offers both an overview of the homosexual activist movement as well as a call for Christian involvement.

The national debate over same-sex “marriage,” he says, is only the latest issue in an ongoing cultural battle to normalize homosexuality.

“This issue is dividing homes, churches, and an entire nation,” he asserts. “Families are devastated. Church denominations are being ripped apart. Protestors rage at each other across picket lines. These divisions cause untold grief.”

Homosexual activists have made advances, Floyd says, in every realm of society, including mainline denominations, politics, academia and the media.

The popular sit-com “Will & Grace,” he notes, includes an openly homosexual character in a lead role. Other shows, such as Showtime’s “Queer as Folk,” feature open discussion about homosexual sex but are hailed by TV critics at Time and Newsweek, Floyd says. The Britney Spears-Madonna kiss, Floyd says, also advanced the homosexual cause.

Even Oprah Winfrey, the queen of daytime talk, has had a role in the promotion of homosexuality. Floyd notes that in 1997, Winfrey played a therapist on the program in which Ellen DeGeneres’ character announced her lesbianism.

“[Winfrey] now uses her power-base (one of the largest media conglomerates of all time) to push a pro-gay agenda,” Floyd, whose sermons are broadcast on Superstation WGN, FamilyNet and Sky Angel, writes.

The 159-page book includes chapters examining the roles that politicians and judges have played in the move to normalize homosexuality.

Speaking about homosexuality itself, Floyd says that “what once was whispered in the shadows now roars like a lion, brazen and threatening as anything our culture has ever seen.”

“The proponents of the gay lifestyle have declared war against our culture, and they have an agenda,” he writes.

The push to legalize same-sex “marriage,” Floyd argues, will succeed unless Christians take a stand.

“Personally, I do not see any way to keep marriage defined as a union between a man and a woman, unless a major spiritual revival occurs or a constitutional amendment is adopted, limiting marriage to a union between a man and a woman,” he writes.

The church, Floyd says, must reach out to homosexuals as it stands firm on the teachings of Scripture, Floyd says, recounting how his church ministers to families torn apart over the issue of homosexuality.

“We have helped, are helping, and will continue to help people involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, as well as their families,” he writes. “We will love them. With one hand we will hold up God’s truth and with the other hand we will hold up God’s love for all people. Our ministry is dedicated to closing up wounds, dismantling walls of separation, and leading with love and truth.”

If believers “sit silently” as homosexual activists make advances, Floyd argues, then in a generation, the nation’s cultural divide “will make the Grand Canyon look like a tiny creek bed.”

“Who will win?” he asks. “Who will become the conscience of America? Unless we get busy, friends, it won’t be us.”
“The Gay Agenda” can be ordered online at www.lifewaystores.com. For more information about the national debate over same-sex “marriage,” visit

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