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‘Give Me An Answer’ conference to teach students apologetics

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–A recent survey by Barna Research found that only 44 percent of born-again adults and 9 percent of born-again teens are certain of the existence of moral absolute truth.

An upcoming conference for college students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, titled “Give Me An Answer,” seeks to aid students in answering skeptical questions from an ever increasing disbelieving postmodern culture.

The Feb. 23-24 apologetics-based conference will feature eight seminary faculty members, including President R. Albert Mohler Jr., who will be the keynote speaker and will speak three times. During two of his sessions Mohler will take questions from the audience.

Scott Davis, the conference coordinator, said it will be “intellectually stimulating, but we want it to be practical. We want people to think about their faith when they come here, but we want them to actually be able to go back to their campus and be better equipped for being involved in campus ministry.”

Davis said such conferences are needed because of the lack of biblical knowledge among youth and young adults. Statements such as “Christianity is intolerant,” “Jesus never claimed to be God” and “All religions lead to God” can be answered easily if a person is prepared, he said.

Students need to be “taught to think through their faith,” Davis said. “I think some people will come here and go home with their brain sore. They’ll think about their faith more deeply than they have in several years. We want to encourage that. We want to encourage questions. We want it to be interactive. We want them to ask questions to the faculty.”

Registration begins at 4 p.m. (EST) Friday, Feb. 23. Mohler will speak at a Friday night session and two Saturday sessions. On Saturday registrants will be able to choose two of seven possible elective seminars.

The seminars will be led by faculty members Bruce Ware (speaking on “Putting God in a Box: Modern Misconceptions about God”), James Parker (“What in the World is a Worldview?”), Steve Wellum (“Firm Foundation: What’s the Big Deal About the Bible?”), Tim Beougher (“What is Apologetics and How Can It Help My Witnessing?”), Chuck Lawless (“Touched by an Angel? Contemporary Spirituality vs. Authentic Christianity”), Ron Nash (“Jesus: The Only Way or Not?”) and Ted Cabal (“Unpopular Truth: How to Tell Your Friends the Truth About Their Sin”).

Davis noted that the conference is coming on the heels of the seminary adding a worldview and culture division in the school of theology that is focused on apologetics issues.

Information on the conference is available on the Internet at http://www.sbts.edu/news/events/answerconf.html or by calling 1-800-626-5525, ext. 4617.
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