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GuideStone adds online Korean content

DALLAS (BP)–Korean-language retirement and insurance information and forms are now available for GuideStone Financial Services’ participants at www.GuideStone.org/Korean.

GuideStone’s Korean-language site joins a Spanish-language site — www.GuideStone.org/espanol — launched in the fall of 2009. Other than English, Korean and Spanish are the most common language groups among Southern Baptist churches.

Many of the most popular GuideStone brochures and forms are translated and available on both the Korean- and Spanish-language sites.

“We recognize the growing diversity not only of the Southern Baptist Convention but also of the United States in general,” GuideStone President O.S. Hawkins said. “Providing specific content on these microsites makes it easier for our participants to connect with us in the language with which they are most comfortable.

“While most of our participants are fluent in English, even as a second language, we recognize the complexity of financial and insurance products may be best explained in one’s native tongue,” Hawkins said.

The sites are a part of the commitment to language diversity in GuideStone’s marketing and participant services. In addition to online support, participants calling the GuideStone Customer Service Center can find in-house Spanish-speaking support. GuideStone also can access the services of a translation company to provide participants support in virtually any commonly spoken language.

In addition to its Korean- and Spanish-language sites, GuideStone’s online presence includes the main website, www.GuideStone.org; a secure participant website, www.MyGuideStone.org; a YouTube channel, www.YouTube.com/GuideStone; Twitter feed, www.twitter.com/GuideStone; and the recently announced app for iPhone and iPod touch, available by visiting www.GuideStone.org/mobileapp. Additionally, GuideStone podcasts are available for free download from the iTunes Store.
Roy Hayhurst is the manager of editorial services for GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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