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Hunger change canisters hold great potential, Nelson notes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The news that more than $12,000
was raised for the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund from
Baptist Book Store customers placing dimes, quarters and
dollar bills in change canisters in the stores brought a
pleased grin to the face of the SBC’s director of hunger
Steve Nelson, who works with the SBC’s Ethics &
Religious Liberty Commission in raising Southern Baptist’s
awareness of needs, said the willingness of the Baptist
Sunday School Board to place the hunger canisters in their
stores has been rewarded by this “marvelous gift” to the
World Hunger Fund.
Reflecting on the amount raised in Baptist Book Stores,
Nelson said, “If 71 stores raised this much in just six
months, think what will happen when 10,000 or 15,000
churches place them in local businesses. The possibilities
are limitless.”
Modeled after change containers found at the cash
registers at restaurants and other businesses for special
causes as the humane society or service groups, the
canisters provide a visible means to heighten awareness of
Southern Baptist hunger ministries to the public at large as
well as providing a receptacle for gifts.
“Placing and maintaining canisters provides a simple
way for church groups of all ages to have an active part in
world missions through hunger ministry in Jesus’ name,”
Nelson noted, adding that many churches have already ordered
canisters to place in local businesses.
“The Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund is the best
means available to anyone who wishes to help the hungry and
hurting both in the United States and abroad,” Nelson said.
“While private charities use a substantial portion of their
receipts to pay for salaries and publicity, only the
Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund uses 100 percent of all
receipts for hunger needs.”
Hunger ministries not only feed the poor, but offer
them an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ,
Nelson said. “It opens doors for sharing God’s redemptive
For several years, hunger gifts were in decline until a
renewed partnership was forged among SBC agencies to raise
awareness of Southern Baptists to this issue, he said.
Southern Baptist hunger ministries do not receive
funding from any source other than through Southern
Baptists’ giving to the World Hunger Offering. “The
Cooperative Program, Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong
Offerings provide the personnel network which carried out
hunger ministries at home and in 58 different nations last
year,” Nelson said.
Churches wishing to order the reusable change canisters
to raise hunger funds may order them from the ERLC by
calling (615) 244-2495; writing to the agency at 901
Commerce St., Suite 550, Nashville, TN 37203; or e-mailing
the ERLC at [email protected].
Unless otherwise designated by the donor, all gifts are
distributed with 80 percent going to the Southern Baptist
International Mission Board and 20 percent to the North
American Mission Board.

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