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‘I needed this,’ woman says of Deeper Still

SAN FRANCISCO (BP)–Garth and Pam Clayborn were born and raised in Arkansas but now, in California, are adjusting to a different culture and a deeper dependence on God.

Pam, a nurse, and Garth, a student at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, moved to Mill Valley, across the bay from San Francisco, last fall for Garth’s studies.

Pam and six other women from Strawberry Community Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Tiburon, Calif., were among the 9,000 women who attended Deeper Still, a conference featuring Bible teachers Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I really liked what Beth said, [that] until you have struggles and times of crisis, you can’t really know how redemptive God is,” Pam reflected. “I have to say I have really struggled with the move from Arkansas where people choose a church based on programs, people and worship styles. Out here, Garth and I just looked to find a church that taught biblical truths. You get more basic in Marin County where 98 percent of the people are unchurched.”

What she heard at Deeper Still touched her heart, Pam said. “I needed this. Seeing all these women participating in a Bible study is encouraging.”

Her husband is working on two master’s degrees simultaneously, one in theology from Golden Gate and another in global studies through Union University in Jackson, Tenn. He also holds down a part-time job at the LifeWay Christian Store on campus.

Pam said she and Garth are more dependent on God than ever before, especially with no family around.

“You really do grow closer as a couple and as a Christian,” Pam said.

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