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IMB strategic personnel needs challenge even most visionary

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–The International Mission Board’s latest list of the 50 most urgently needed new missionaries is filled with opportunities to challenge even the most visionary Southern Baptists.
Included are:
— Strategy coordinator. Devising a strategy to take the gospel to a people group that has never heard the good news of God’s love. Coordinating resources to start a church planting movement. Mentoring others to multiply the vision of starting many new churches.
— Creative access. Using professional skills to contribute to a country closed to a traditional missionary presence. Developing relationships and sharing the good news of salvation with those God is drawing to himself.
— Church planting and evangelism. Partnering with national Baptists to develop a plan to start new churches. Training believers to be self-reproducing disciples. Russian Baptists, who worry that religious freedom is waning in their country, have requested 121 missionaries to help them. Many needs in “harvest fields,” countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Suriname, Mexico and the Philippines, where people are responding to the gospel in large numbers.
— Agriculture and public health. Providing agricultural or animal science consultation while developing relationships and sharing the gospel. Teaching agriculture in a university while implementing programs to result in outreach opportunities. Developing public health ministries, including sanitation, nutrition and immunization, in an area where Christian witness and ministry is needed.
“Millions and millions of people in this world have never heard about salvation in Jesus Christ, and God calls us to do something about it,” said Jim Riddell, associate director of the International Mission Board’s personnel selection department.
“The good news is that we can do something. All of us can pray that God would call people out to do the job. And many of us can look at the list of needs and say, ‘You know, I could do that.'”
For information on specific requests for new missionaries, contact the International Mission Board by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling 1-888-422-6461.