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In city at ‘end of the earth,’ prayer walkers see God work

USHUAIA, Argentina (BP)–He had never been prayed for. He had never known Jesus loved him — until a group of Baptist prayer walkers told him.
The man had noticed the group the day before, on a hill overlooking the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, the world’s southernmost city.
The next day, they were back. But this time they were knocking on doors, distributing a magazine.
The man asked Juan Godoy who they were. Juan, a lay leader of the Baptist mission in Ushuaia, explained that his group had gone up and down the dirt roads praying for the families living in each house.
Upon hearing that someone had prayed for him without even knowing him, the man became very emotional and tears streamed down his face.
Juan, too, started to cry when the man told him that, to his knowledge, no one had ever prayed for him and he had never heard that Jesus loved him.
Juan overcame his own tears and led the man to Christ then and there. He invited Juan to return and have Bible studies in his home.
The neighborhood is the very area of the city where the Baptists of Ushuaia hope to acquire land and build.

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