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Infant’s miracle rescue gives mother courage for new ministry

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (BP)–Her story will keep any new
parent riveted to a chair. Here is a brief excerpt of what
happened to her on a September day, as told by Virginia
Norton, a writer for The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle:
“Nita Zachow, a small, trim woman, jogged down the
stairs of her North Augusta (S.C.) home to get her
eight-month-old granddaughter. It was baby Sarah’s feeding
“Ms. Zachow glanced at the grassy spot where she had
left the infant sitting in a stroller … with Ms. Zachow’s
mother gardening nearby. But the stroller and baby were no
longer there. She called out, ‘Mother, where’s Sarah?’
“The older woman yelled and pointed to the deep end of
the pool. The garden hose … had caught a stroller wheel,
causing the stroller to roll into the pool with Sarah
strapped in.
“Ms. Zachow, who had surgery for breast cancer in May,
had finished her 30th and last radiation treatment the week
“‘I was supposed to be at my weakest state,’ said Ms.
Zachow. ‘I just immediately dived into the water. Sarah was
resting on the bottom … and I remember thinking, ‘God,
just give me strength.’
“‘… I felt something help me lift her,’ said Ms.
After raising the baby and the stroller to the surface,
Zachow began CPR, and on her third attempt, Sarah started
breathing. Today, the 11-month-old is perfectly healthy.
Zachow discovered something about herself that day:
courage. And, the courage that God gave her during that
rescue has helped her not only to face her own trial with
breast cancer, but also was the impetus for a cancer support
group at her church, First Baptist Church in North Augusta.
“I believe that God is still performing miracles,”
Zachow says with certainty. “He used me as his vessel to
rescue Sarah,” she explains. “He provided me with the
strength and knowledge of what should be done.
“Before beginning the support group, I read many times
in the Scriptures that God wanted to use me as his witness,”
she adds. “I feel this is what God wants me to do. I have
felt such comfort from Jesus Christ, and I feel this comfort
should flow out to others.”
The support group has grown to 18 women. “The ladies
are bonding together with prayer partners, sharing with one
another and walking on Saturdays,” she adds. “Some have been
cancer-free for 10 to 20 years. This is a wonderful
inspiration for those who have had surgery recently or are
in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
“The response shows that there is a real need for this
type of ministry in other churches,” she stresses. “The
ladies in our support group have expressed how wonderful it
is to have a group of Christians who can lift them up daily
in prayer and be a support for them.”

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