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Kinsey’s flawed, deviant research transformed laws, Reisman says

CHARLESTON, S.C. (BP)–Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent, criminally gathered research of 50 years ago on human sexuality produced a massive liberalization of laws against sex crimes that continues to harm America, researcher Judith Reisman said March 3 at a Southern Baptist ethics seminar.
Kinsey’s data, released first in 1948, has provided the basis for liberalized laws on fornication, adultery, rape, molestation and even abortion, Reisman told those attending the annual seminar of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, this year addressing the theme, “The Family & Human Sexuality: Reaffirming God’s Design.”
The switch in most states from common law, based on the Bible, to the Model Penal Code beginning in the 1950s was Kinsey’s “major accomplishment,” she said. Kinsey’s research, especially his results showing 85 to 95 percent of males could be convicted as sex offenders, was used by some in the legal field, notably French lawyer and pedophile Rene Guyon and ACLU lawyer Morris Ernst, to construct the Model Penal Code, she said. The code eventually was adopted, at least in part, by most states.
“Kinsey provided the wrecking ball to deconstruct the American way of life, liberty and property,” Reisman said in a manuscript prepared for the seminar. “The people infected with Kinseyan ideas in the professional classes spread and in many cases imposed the new ‘sexual’ ethic or non-ethic. It now permeates our schools, our mass media, our entertainment industry, our psychiatric and health professions, our government bureaucracy, even much of our religious establishment, but most importantly, our laws, judicial system and public policies.”
Though his findings were trumpeted as science, Kinsey’s report was based on fraud and deviancy, said Reisman, a contention she began making in 1981. Recently, the “vicious truth” has begun emerging from the Kinsey Institute, she said at the seminar.
James Jones, an advisor to the institute, located at Indiana University, admitted in a September 1997 issue of The New Yorker Kinsey was a homosexual, a masochist and a eugenicist who believed at least 10 percent of the population should be sterilized, Reisman said. Jones acknowledged Kinsey’s findings may have been skewed as a result of his activities, Reisman reported.
“My guess is that Jones is telling some of the truth today because the Kinsey Institute believes the battle for America’s soul has been won,” she said.
Kinsey’s “research was designed to produce a definite outcome,” she said.
His findings showed at least 85 percent of American males were sex offenders because 86 percent of his sample consisted of men already identified as “sexual deviants and sexual offenders,” said Reisman, who has written a new book, “Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences.” He threw away three-fourths of the 18,000 interviews, she said. He had no normal fathers or married mothers in his sample, she said.
Kinsey’s records show he also supervised the sexual molestation of more than 300 children from two months to 15 years of age in the study, with adult males, some who were sex offenders, abusing the children to produce results on childhood sexuality, Reisman said.
Based on this kind of research, Reisman said, Kinsey’s findings
— Children are sexual from birth, so they should be instructed on all sex acts;
— There are no abnormal sexual acts;
— There is no reason to prohibit adult-child sex;
— Sex laws should be abolished;
— Premarital sex helps produce better marriages;
— Masturbation is essential to children’s development;
— Everyone is naturally bisexual;
— Sodomy is healthy for children and adults.
Despite confirmation of his deviancy and his fraudulent and reprehensible research, Kinsey remains “an eminent figure in the field of human sexuality research,” according to the New Yorker article, Reisman said. If Kinsey is “the father of the sexual revolution,” then his flawed research provides the best target for those committed to restoring sexual responsibility and virtue in society, she said. That “tap root is weakening pretty dramatically,” she said.