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Leaders of 2 Texas groups meet for prayer/discussion

DALLAS (BP)–Leaders of the conservative Southern
Baptists of Texas and the moderate Baptist General
Convention of Texas met four hours Jan. 8 in what was termed
an “informal, unofficial season of prayer and open
In a short, written release given to news media
following the meeting, the group agreed that no statement
concerning the content or procedure of the meeting would be
made. The news release did say the group “further agreed to
meet again soon to continue prayer and discussion.”
Following the annual meeting of the Baptist General
Convention of Texas in Austin in November, conservative
leaders in the state announced their intent to form a new
state convention. Conservatives have been critical of
changes, approved at the Austin meeting, which they see as
distancing the Texas convention from the Southern Baptist
Participants in the meeting, held in Dallas, were
Robert Campbell, immediate past chairman of the BGCT
executive board; Charles Davenport, chairman of the
administrative committee of the BGCT executive board;
Russell Dilday, president of the BGCT; Clyde Glazener,
chairman of the BGCT executive board; William M. Pinson Jr.,
executive director for the BGCT executive board; Miles
Seaborn, president of the SBT; Dee Slocum, vice president of
the SBT; Gerald Smith, secretary-treasurer of the SBT; and
Ronnie Yarber, administrative director of the SBT.