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Lessons learned through door-to-door evangelism

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP) — The thought of doing door-to-door evangelism can give believers feelings ranging from stirring excitement to crippling anxiety. I felt a mix of those emotions as I went knocking on doors hoping to share the Gospel in local Alabama neighborhoods as part of the Crossover outreach event on Saturday (June 8).

Pulling up to First Baptist Church Pelham, I genuinely had no idea what to expect.

Saturday was the one of the final days of the nearly week-long evangelism outreach in the Birmingham community organized by the North American Mission Board and the Alabama State Board of Missions. This year’s Crossover events drew help from at least seven churches and included a dental clinic set up at a local church as well as seminary students participating in door-to-door evangelism.

Although this Crossover event was not my first experience doing door-to-door evangelism, I still get slightly nervous each time I go out.

However, I have to say that both of my group partners, Annette Oxley and Martin Benson, were incredibly hospitable and gracious. They each showed God’s love in a clear way to both the people we encountered and myself.

Annette, a church member at FBC Pelham, made the comment that she was encouraged to see young people living for Jesus. But I am always encouraged to see older generations passionately serving the Lord. Watching them encourages this incredibly anxious generation of young Christians, that have no idea what the future holds, that following Jesus is worth the sacrifices.

My group experienced the element of randomness often associated with this type of evangelism. Among the houses that we visited, there were some houses where no one was home, there were some people who did not want to talk or were too busy to talk, and there were those who were already believers.

While door-to-door opportunities can often be discouraging, I learned that any disappointment or rejection is worth it for that one person who needs prayer that day.

For every group of people that were not happy that you knocked on their door, there may be one person who was desperate for God in that season of their life.

I also learned that this type of evangelism is helpful for believers as well. Whenever you explain something to someone else, whether it’s a math problem or a cooking recipe, if properly explained you should understand it more yourself each time you share it.

The Gospel is the same way in terms of both its simplicity and complexity.

When I think of the Gospel I think of the ocean in that it’s simple to explain and understand, but so complex that you may never be able to fully grasp the depth and power of it.

This effort of sharing the Gospel and serving the community may be one the most important things that Southern Baptists do while in Alabama.

Sharing Jesus is truly the way to put the Gospel above all.