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LIFE DIGEST: Rape victim chooses life

WASHINGTON (BP)–Elizabeth Cameron, a virgin who was only 16 years old at the time, was forced into a van one day in December 2005 and raped by three men. Weeks later, she learned she was pregnant.

“Everyone, save for mum, thought I should have an abortion,” the resident of the South Coast of England told the Daily Mail, a British newspaper. “My dad even made an appointment at the clinic, and they showed me the little blob on the scan, I presume, to convince me that it was just a mass of cells and the whole thing would be over quickly.”

Elizabeth, however, had always been opposed to abortion. Nothing about her situation changed her mind.

“[I] couldn’t go through with it,” Elizabeth said. “At school, my friends -– most of whom didn’t even know about the rape -– couldn’t understand why anyone my age would want to have a baby rather than an abortion.

“Every time I look at Phoebe, I know I made the right decision,” Elizabeth told the Daily Mail. “I never wanted to end my baby’s life just because of how she came to be.”

Phoebe turned 2 years old Sept. 15.

The names have been changed for legal reasons, according to the Daily Mail.

RIGHT-TO-DIE PUSHES ENVELOPE — The upper house of Parliament in the Australian state of Victoria defeated in a 25-13 vote a bill that would have legalized assisted suicide. The legislation would have permitted those suffering “intolerably from a terminal or advanced incurable illness” to take their lives with a physician’s help, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Though foes of assisted suicide welcomed the defeat, inclusion of the phrase “incurable illness” provided a foreboding look at the direction of the right-to-die movement, said bioethics specialist Wesley Smith on his weblog.

“An ‘incurable illness’ could encompass many afflictions, whether paraplegia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, HIV, etc. It could even be construed to apply to mental illness,” Smith said.

“Assisted suicide/euthanasia is not really about terminal illness, but about an ideological quest for near death-on-demand as an essential aspect of human freedom, sometimes called ‘the ultimate civil liberty’ within the movement,” he wrote. “Once euthanasia consciousness is accepted, assisted suicide will expand to active euthanasia and a broad applicability, just as it has in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.”

WIFE KILLED FOR NOT ABORTING — An Indian man and some of his family members are facing murder charges for killing his wife, allegedly for her refusal to abort the couple’s unborn daughter.

Neelam Kumar died Aug. 24 in the northern India state of Uttar Pradesh, and her body was cremated the same evening, Catholic World News reported. Sushil Kumar reported that his sister was being pressured to have an abortion, since her baby was a girl.

A Hindu-based preference for male children has combined with an emphasis on smaller families in India and the use of ultrasound technology to fuel an abortion onslaught against girls and produce a growing imbalance between the sexes, according to the news service. Sex-selection abortions have contributed to a rate in India of 927 females for every 1,000 males from birth to 6 years old, according to the 2001 census.
Compiled by Baptist Press’ Washington bureau chief Tom Strode.