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LifeWay blogs help customer relationships

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Employees of LifeWay Christian Resources spend hundreds of hours producing resources or events with the hope of providing spiritual transformation in the lives of individuals. Some LifeWay departments have created blogs to interact with customers on a more in-depth, personal level.

Patrick Watts of LifeWay’s Worship Music Group uses the LifeWay Worship Project blog to build a bridge with worship leaders across the nation.

“First and foremost, the blog helps explain the very complex set of products, services and events that make up the LifeWay Worship Project,” Watts said. “Second, it aggregates ‘worship talk on the Web,’ pointing people to posts on other blogs and news sites regarding worship.

“The intent is to actively demonstrate that our section of LifeWay isn’t only interested in making resources,” Watts said. “We’re interested in the dialogue that is occurring about the practice and theology of worship in the 21st century.”

The LifeWay Worship Project blog, updated at least four times a week, encourages ongoing conversations about worship that extend beyond resources and events.

“The benefit of the blog is keeping the church informed about trends and preserving the integrity of worship in a changing world,” Watts said. “The result is an informed group of worship leadership that can take new ideas and apply them to their congregations to equip their worshippers and ultimately grow the Kingdom of God.”

Marriage event coordinator Mark Satterfield, a frequent contributor to the LifeWay Marriage Blog, also uses a blog to connect with married couples outside of LifeWay. His goal is to interact with customers by discussing marriage topics on the blog and inviting interaction.

“Our blog is primarily for married couples,” he said. “We give tips on how to improve your marriage, offer movie reviews, provide updates on LifeWay’s marriage events, information on marriage resources to use in small-group settings, as well as experiential thoughts and research.”

Instead of just presenting this information as a one-way conversation similar to an article or book, Satterfield hopes the blog format will inspire a two-way conversation about important marriage topics while building relationships with his customers.

“I think people gravitate toward this type of interaction because it’s a different form of interaction — it’s real and authentic,” he said. “Sharing what God is revealing to you about Himself and discussing cultural insights into things that are happening currently in the world around you is something everyone can participate in.”

LifeWay’s women’s ministry and training events section also has embraced blogs as a way to develop community through the development of the Deeper Still blog for those attending women’s events, and also a new blog called All Access that includes personal insights and information about new resources and events.

Additional blogs offered through LifeWay.com include a LifeMatters blog for young adult leaders; a video blog with interviews from church resources staff about LifeWay; and a LifeWay News blog.
Compiled by LifeWay Christian Resources’ corporate communications staff.

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