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LifeWay.com redesigns website to make online interaction easier

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Using the Internet can be a confusing experience. Terms such as spam, server and surf take on new meanings, and novice online visitors often are intimidated and bewildered. In an attempt to make the Web easier to handle, LifeWay Christian Resources has redesigned its home on the Internet, www.LifeWay.com.

“Users of our numerous LifeWay websites often have been confused about how to find information, how one program related to another or how to order materials,” said Gary McClure, LifeWay’s e-business marketing manager. “They have asked us to simplify how they interact with us. Our goal is one website that makes their online experience with us more convenient and efficient.”

A recent study by Giga Information Group, a global information technology advisory firm, revealed that LifeWay.com has some of the best technologies, intuitive features and effective marketing of key secular sites. LifeWay’s site ranked high in almost every category, especially in use of technology and marketing, McClure said.

“The overall design has been improved and updated to better meet customer needs. A more intuitive navigation helps customers spend less time finding what they want,” McClure said, noting the changes are the result of ongoing feedback from customers.

The new LifeWay.com features a number of tools available from the home page, including material guides, a new Bible reference library, online behavioral assessments, a ministry job board, health calculators and free downloads, among others, he said.

The site also introduces the comprehensive online catalog, LifeWay’s newest shopping channel.

The online catalog features a comprehensive collection of all products produced by LifeWay, including dated, undated and Broadman & Holman materials. Product information is accessible through both a search and browse function, and purchases by credit cards are accepted without having to have a previously established customer account. Individuals can purchase dated curriculum resources and LifeWay magazines without having to establish an account and pin number.

The online catalog will eventually sell everything that LifeWay produces, said Steve NeSmith, e-business manager. “We are not replacing anything with the online catalog, but are simply offering a new convenience.”

Bookmarks to the original site continue to work, and the enhanced site retains the Web address, www.LifeWay.com. Questions can be addressed to [email protected].

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