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LifeWay Women launches monthly webcast

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–LifeWay Women has for years reached thousands of women through events such as Living Proof Live with Beth Moore; Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer; Deeper Still with Moore, Shirer and Kay Arthur; You and Your Girl with Vicki Courtney; and other conferences. Now, they have gone live with “LifeWay Women Live,” a monthly webcast with the goal of “reaching women everywhere.”

LifeWay Women Live is hosted by Chris Adams, LifeWay’s senior lead women’s ministry specialist; Paige Greene, LifeWay’s director of women’s training and events; and Pam Case, director of LifeWay Women.

A sneak peek of 2011 events, training and resources was the focus of the inaugural webcast in March.

The hosts were joined by Beth Moore on video and — via Skype — Priscilla Shirer, Vicki Courtney and Angela Thomas. Author Angie Smith joined the hosts live in the studio.

Adams asked her co-hosts what they thought the “next big thing” in the LifeWay Women world would be.

“I think it’s discovering the new speakers that we will bring to the platforms,” said Case, specifically mentioning Houston native Tammie Head, who has a new Bible study coming out called “Duty or Delight.”

Greene said, “Without a doubt, I think it’s the launch of the new .MOM event with Priscilla Shirer, Vicki Courtney, Angela Thomas and Angie Smith. It’s a time to celebrate motherhood — the challenges, the networking and all the prayers.”

The .MOM (pronounced “dot Mom”) event was created to meet needs in the lives of moms of all ages. “All of us struggle with the same things,” Shirer said. “There’s never enough time, enough money or enough patience.

“Children are God’s gift — I believe that — but at the same time every good gift from God requires a big readjustment of your life,” she said with a laugh.

As a mother to teenagers, Thomas said that in this season of her life, “I walk with Jesus and give to my kids from the overflow. I can’t give to them what I don’t have. We are in an ongoing conversation to get into their hearts.”

Also spotlighted on the webcast were new resources coming out this year:

— “Jonah” and “Seed” (parts 1 and 2) from Priscilla Shirer.

— “Brave” by Angela Thomas.

— “I Will Carry You” by Angie Smith

— “Five Questions Every Mom Ought to Ask Her Daughter” by Vicki Courtney.

Go to LifeWay.com/LifeWayWomenLive for the next webcast, Tuesday, April 5, from noon to 1 p.m. Central and to view the upcoming schedule of webcasts as well as archived webcasts.

The April 5 webcast will focus on “Women Reaching Women in Crisis,” with the LifeWay Women’s website noting, “Life is unpredictable. Sometimes life difficulties build up and escalate to crisis points over time. Other times the crisis comes in the form of an unexpected phone call, a diagnosis, or an accident. No matter how they arrive, crisis moments are guaranteed to intersect with our story. In those moments it matters greatly how we, as an extension of God’s heart and hands, handle the situation. Join us as we discuss the tools we need to minister effectively during times of crisis – when it matters most.”
Polly House is a writer for LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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