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LifeWay Worship Music Group replaces Genevox dept. name

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–LifeWay Worship Music Group is the new name of the music section of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Formerly known as Genevox Music, LifeWay Worship Music Group will continue to offer products and events to customers both inside and outside LifeWay, but the new name more accurately reflects “who we have become as a department, what our purpose is, and the audience we are called to serve,” said acting director Terry Terry.

“LifeWay identifies who we are,” Terry said. “We are the music department for this entire company and all that it encompasses, as well as LifeWay’s core customer base. ‘Worship’ explains our role and purpose in God’s Kingdom work. It’s what we were called to do. ‘Music’ is the vehicle we use. ‘Group’ defines us as a unified body of people called to this service.”

Terry also noted that employees who work with music previously were divided among departments throughout LifeWay. “We have pulled all of those people into one unified department,” he said, noting that employees from publishing, sales and events, leadership training, marketing, and advertising and promotion now operate under a common name and leadership.

“All along, almost everything that happens music-wise in LifeWay has flowed through our department, from permissions to finished products,” Terry said. “We’re excited about partnering with other departments on future projects.”

The LifeWay Worship Music Group will continue to offer products and events through its current imprints:

— Genevox, which offers musicals, collections and anthems for adults and students; keyboard music for piano, organ, synthesizer and multiple keyboards; instrumental music for orchestra, praise band or solo instruments as well as hymnals –- in contemporary, pop and gospel genres.

— Church Street Music, which provides traditionally styled choral music for adults, youth and children, as well as keyboard music for piano, organ and keyboard duets.

— Church Street Press, which provides music and worship resources as well as drama materials and academic texts.

— Children’s Music Series, which offers popular songs and activities via a children’s choir curriculum in a two-semester format, teaching age-appropriate spiritual and musical concepts suitable for church, home or school settings.

— Dovetail Music, which provides musicals and collections for preschool and children, from holiday collections to non-seasonal music for church, camp or home use.

— “Made for Praise,” a resource encompassing songs and teaching materials for use with children’s choirs in grades one through six. The leader’s guide includes a DVD and an enhanced CD with lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, streaming video enhancements, choreography ideas, posters and interactive games.
For more information about LifeWay’s music department, go to LifeWay.com and click on the Ministry pull-down menu.

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