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Low-key coffeehouse in China stirs clientele to discuss, embrace faith

BEIJING (BP)–Christian workers at one location in China have been amazed that most of the young-adult seekers they have been working with over the last year have become Christians. Their harvest field has been quite nontraditional — a coffeehouse in the middle of China.

And the main stimulant is not the caffeine, but rather the Holy Spirit.

About a year ago, Christians from several groups committed to sponsor a business venture that would give them opportunities to converse with students in a non-threatening environment. During the initial months, conversations between the coffeehouse staff and the clientele were very shallow and controlled. But then the tone and direction of conversation began to shift to spiritual matters.

Although overt evangelism is off-limits in the coffeehouse, the Christian staff soon found themselves responding to questions that opened natural paths of sharing. “We can’t help it. They ask!” said a worker. “Most nights at least one table full of customers is involved in a deep discussion about Christianity.”

Last semester one young Chinese lady accepted Christ into her heart, and soon a number of her friends followed suit with salvation decisions of their own.

“Perhaps we need to find a new location,” said one of the coffeehouse workers of the hand of God on their low-key ministry. “Most of this circle of friends now knows him!”

The Christian workers voice praise to God that worshiping groups of believers are already emanating from the outreach, and they ask for prayer that the circle can be enlarged as those who have already found salvation in Christ will be able to lead others into the kingdom.

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